Mar. 10th, 2015

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 A friend of mine pointed me towards an anthology being put together by queer identified authors, with a Superhero theme.  Well, I never managed to finish my superhero novel, because too much of what I wrote was really about me, rather than being about the story or my characters.  I still intend to re-write it one day, but in the meantime I thought I would put together a short story and submit it to the anthology, just on the off-chance.

This is their page, if anybody else is interested:

I've done a first draft, but I have SO MANY mixed emotions about it, it's insane.  I decided to focus on one of the less prominent characters from the book, because I feel as if that gives me more room to move, since they are less formed in my mind.  However, trying to do this with a roaring migraine?  Yeah, that wasn't smart. 

I'm going to sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow.  I am supposed to be working tonight, but I was up all last night vomiting and nearly blind with pain, and even though I feel a little better now, I can't quite drop off.  I feel like a zombie.  So no work for me tonight, which actually sucks because I like night shifts.  They are a bit more relaxed, even when things get crazy busy.

In Other News:
I've got about a week to prepare for my interview.  I am terrified.
That is all.


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