Mar. 15th, 2015

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Happy Mother's Day to everybody out there who is a mother, or who has a mother.  So... between those two... I expect that's pretty much everybody!

Now for the depressing part, so I imagine a lot of you will want to stop here and I'll put the rest under a cut just to be sure. 
Trouble with 'friends.' )
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First of all, thank you all for being lovely, awesome people.  I will try to reply to the comments on my last post, but it's not easy.  I'm not ignoring you all, just a bit lost for words right now.

Still no contact from my so-called friend.  I'm not really expecting anything, but it would have been nice if she had at least asked me how I was doing today.  The other two involved both have.  I may have to see this woman on Tuesday, so I suppose I won't know if holding my tongue has paid off until then. >__>;

In Other News: 
I'm basically not fit for human company today.  For reasons mentioned previously, I've been a vegetable for most of the morning and then spent the afternoon on a rather dangerous excursion onto e-bay.  I often shop when I'm feeling down, and today I was after a bonsai pot for the mini Christmas tree that I have, since it's still in a Christmas pot and I'd like to make it 'officially' a miniature tree, rather than just an out-of-season decoration.   I didn't find one I liked, though, although I did come away with this rather lovely glass terrarium:

I also bought two packs of succulent seeds, one of which will hopefully grow strange brain-like things, and the other even stranger looking fleshy pink things.  They probably have proper names but I can't remember them off the top of my head.  They are both a species of lithops, though (provided that the seller sends me the right seeds, of course- for 99p a pack I could end up with pretty much anything...)

I'm not sure I will be able to grow them right in the terrarium, which was my first idea.  I suspect I'll have to germinate them in a seed tray for a few months, and then transplant them... although I might try them straight in it. >_>  If I can give them the right environment, then it could well work out and it would be interesting to watch them growing in there from nothing.

Anyway, the reason I'm doing all this is because this is what I do when I can't handle feelings: I shop, and I start projects.  I just hope I have the energy to follow through on this, because the plants look awesome and I would love to have a bunch that I could say I grew myself. 


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