May. 11th, 2015

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 Auch, I have had a rough week.... had a massive mood slump last Tuesday, and have only just started getting over it. >_>;  Coupled with the unreasonably high bill from Parcelforce, it was a bad time all round.  I'm still not quite back to normal, but things are improving.... and today has been full of new arrivals, which has been AWESOME.

First, we got Dark Elf out of customs, and he showed up today.  I need to re-size the pictures of him, so he will get his own post later but he is a really stunning doll!  The quality of his sculpting and casting is fantastic!  I still need to give him a name, though....

Secondly, I went round to my tattooist's house, met his amazing collection of snakes, and came home with this beautiful little guy:

This is Zip. ^__^  
Zip is an incredibly tiny amel striped corn snake- but don't let his teeny little size fool you, this guy's actually the same age as Opal!! O__O  He came from an unexpected clutch of eggs about 2 and a half years ago, and he (like some of his oh-so-clever siblings) decided to go on a permanent hunger strike shortly after birth. >_>  My tattooist has been assist-feeding them all, and in the last couple of months Zip and a couple of the others have finally got the hang of the whole food thing, and have started eating by choice.  However, because of this delay to normal eating, he is TINY- about a quarter of Opal's length, possibly even less!

Even so, he should now start growing properly.  He may always be small, thanks to his slow start, but there is a chance that he will catch up quickly and get to a fairly decent size. ^__^.

A few more shots.... )

He's now in the process of settling in. ^__^  He's taken the move very well for such a little beastie- I'm very proud of him!


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