Apr. 9th, 2015

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 No the doll thing- still waiting to hear back on that, but the person I'm talking to is busy and I'm in no rush. ^__^.  If it's meant to be, it will be.  If not, something else will come along!

This thing is a snake thing.  
Specifically, I have agreed to take on a small-for-age yearling corn from my tattooist, who had a surprise clutch a while back and has been reluctant to send them out to unknown homes.  He's been asking me to take one for a while, actually, but I've not really been in a position to do it.  However, once my job begins I intend to upgrade Rambo and Opal into bigger vivariums (more on that later), so I'll be doing a big furniture re-arrange anyway to fit in the new bigger homes.  It will be the perfect time to slip in a new addition.

The yearlings in question were slow to start feeding, so apparently they are still pretty tiny.  He has a few, so when the time comes I will go and pick one out.  Hopefully it will be a girl, because I'd really rather not deal with ANOTHER horny male during breeding season, given how much grief Rambo has been lately, but if I fall in love with one then frankly the sex won't matter. >__>;  He has some amels (orange/yellow) and some classic corns, from what I've seen of the pictures.  Either way, they have the potential to be very beautiful animals.  I am quite looking forward to meeting them and seeing which one is going to be coming to its new foreverhome here. ^__-.

I used to have big plans to have lots of different species of thin-bodied snakes, but the more I think about it, the more I realise that I just love corns.  Yes, there are a multitude of amazing animals out there to choose from, and I would still sort of love a mexican black king snake or one of the longer species of rat snake, but corns are just... well... they're adorable, and even the grumpy (like Rambo) ones are actually pretty sweet natured.  I have no plans to end up with dozens of snakes filling up my home- my max is 4- but this will be a good addition to the household.

I already have a tank and Opal's old hides and stuff, so all I need is a heat mat and another thermostat, and the little one will be able to come home.

In Other News:
Provided the landlord agrees to it, Ad and I will be staying in this flat for another year while I settle in to my job and build up my finances.  I was originally going to wait until I moved to upgrade Rambo and Opal into bigger vivs (I'm hoping to get them a pair of 6-foot ones, so they have maximum wiggle room since corns are so active and inquisitive but I may have to settle for 5ft ones unless I can find a custom service.  -___-; Apparently 6ft vivs are rare, and rarer still if I want something aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.)  However, if we're here for another year, then I don't want to wait.  Opal is growing fast, and Rambo- while his enclosure is adequate- is a very active boy and would probably love to have more room to roam.  Corns cover a lot of ground in the wild, and I always feel vaguely guilty about keeping them in vivs that are so small compared to their natural habitat. 

Overall, I'm expecting to spend a fair amount on snake housing.  As well as the basic vivs themselves, heating, decorations, and lighting are going to add up.  If I buy flat-pack, the whole thing will still probably cost less than a high end BJD, but it's definitely not throw-away money.  When it does happen, I intend to make them the best damn snake-homes that I can manage.  We're talking multiple hides, shelves, thick bedding, tubes and logs and fake plants everywhere.  Cleaning them will be hilarious, but it's worth it if it means having happy, healthy snake-minions.


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