Apr. 17th, 2015

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 I have two days off.  After that, we begin what I can only describe as the Week of Hell, where I will be completing over 60 hours in 7 days (so basically 6 shifts).  This is to get in all the hours I need for uni.  After that, I will finish with 2 shifts on labour ward, and be an officially qualified midwife.  Finally.

My end date is the 27th.  I then go into uni on the 28th to hand in all my stuff (along with my student ID badges and uniforms), and then I have a blissful month off to recover, and prepare myself for work.  I will probably spend most of that month trying to cancel my student bursary and registering with the NMC.  If it all goes to plan, I start orientation on the 1st of June.

Suddenly, it feels like everything is moving very quickly. O_O

In Other News:
2 week countdown to new snake baby! ^__^.  I have the old tank cleaned out, a new mat and stat on order, and I have washed Opal's old hides ready to be sterilised.  Skelly (my tattooist) has several babies on offer, but from his descriptions the current faves, in my mind, are the runt of the litter (which is risky- it's only just started eating after nearly 12 months, and might not make it), or a slightly bigger dude who was injured on his way out of the egg, and has a scar.  My gut is telling me that scar might be the way to go- he's obviously a fighter, after all, and I'm worried that moving the tiny one to a new environment if it's only just starting to get established might be too much for it to handle. >_>;

I'll be heading over to see them all some time in the next couple of weeks, so we'll see. ^__-;

Also in Other News:
After literally YEARS of not being in the hobby, I have a new doll coming!  He will have to be bald and in his box until work starts, but I can't wait to get him- a 51cm Batchix Dark Elf!  No name, yet, but I'm thinking of going with a slightly cyberpunk-ish theme with him, so we'll see what he says about it when he gets here....

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 Today I created the word 'nanxious', which can be defined as follows: so nervous and anxious that you lose the ability to seperate words, and end up sounding like a garbling moron. 


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