Sep. 16th, 2015

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So, I've just finished negotiating with an incredibly talented artist, who is going to design a chest tattoo for me.  I've been debating for a long time about getting my chest done, ever since my fairly disastrous experience with getting nipples tattooed back on after my surgery.  To be honest, the resulting scarring has left me with only two options: ask my tattooist to re-do the nipples, or write the whole lot off and get the whole area covered up.  I've decided to go with the latter.

The only thing is, I'm fat.  You guys all know that, but I don't have a nice, clean well-defined chest area.  I have saggy man-boobs with a massive scar that runs underneath them.  I know it's a part of my body that I will always feel self concious about, but now I have the chance to have some really stunning art put on it, and I'm actually worried that the shape of my body is going to make it look bad (and that shape will never be much improved- the way my surgery was done means that I will always have a moob kind of shape, because it was done to suit a fat guy.  Also, let's not be delusional here- I happy being fat, and I'm never going slim down to the point where I *could* have beautifully defined and toned pecks.  That's just not who I am.)

This has raised a whole new level of insecurity for me, like I'm actually worrying about ruining a design with my gross skin. -___-;  Even though the end result (like all my tattoos) is more for me than it is for anybody else.  I wasn't really prepared for this much worry about something that is supposed to make me like my chest more, rather than less.

This is the artist's etsy shop, by the way- she does some awesome adult colouring pages, for those of you who are into that.   And also, the pictures are just awesome. ;)
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 I think I'm in love. <3

...and the best thing is, at 12inches tall, she might even be short enough for me! ^___-;

So, I don't really know how I ran into these dolls on e-bay today. >_> I was searching for something completely unrelated, and one popped up, and I have literally spent the last 9 hours researching the company and looking at pretty pictures.   In many ways they are very similar to my fairy, Tea, but she is an older design and this company has perfected the 'internal skeleton under silicone' thing, meaning that their dolls are super-creepily posable and they look amazing!  Some of them (like Huntress here) can even stand un-aided!

They do a basic range (all of whom look a lot like porn stars- no surprise there), which can be dressed in anything, provided you're careful about staining.  But, the best thing is, that most of their line are either licensed dolls with particular outfits and accessories, or cool-looking art dolls like Huntress.  And, while I do get very sick of the typical over-revealing fantasy armour in games, I'm not going to lie- there are times when I have a soft spot for it, and something about this one makes me think of old 70/80s book and magazine covers, which I love.  I am pretty much 99% sure that I'm going to buy her in the next couple of days, just because... well... reasons.

Also, if that wasn't good enough.... they're doing a fully posable Lady Death as their next release.  And she looks incredible:


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