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There's a good chance that one of these two little  snerklings is going to be my new pet. >__>;  Problem is, I am seriously torn between which one to take.  They are both amelistic albinos, which mean they have no dark/black pigments, which gives them a lovely orange colouring.

The bigger one (first picture) is eating fuzzies and is much bigger than its brood-mates.  It has a scar on its belly (hard to photograph on feeding day, apparently) from an accident when hatching, but it clearly isn't giving it any trouble, since it's growing, eating and shedding without problems. I like it's pattern, but I'm not a fan of the little white splotches- I would like it more if they were a bit clearer, I think, although that has no impact on it's personality or health.

The second one (photographed through a tub lid) is much smaller, but just as healthy.  It is feeding on pinkies, as it got off to a slow start and is playing catch-up.  It is now eating well, and has a very beautiful stripe pattern.  Apparently it's a little more shy than the others, but that might just be because it's mini.  I am leaning more towards this one, partly because of the pattern, and partly because I still have a strong maternal instinct towards tiny things that need love. <__<; 

I feel like no matter which one I pick, I will be disappointed that I didn't also get the other one.  Both of them are beautiful animals, and I have no doubt that I will love them no matter which one I pick.

I hate making decisions like this.
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