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I am so angry right now!

One of my friend's kids has stolen my tiny fairy, which was given to me by Rory and who has lived a peaceful little life underneath my bonsai tree (and occasionally on a shelf with my pocket dragons.)  

I can't prove it was this kid- I didn't actually see her take it- but she was in my room looking at the snakes while we were having coffee in the kitchen the other day, and this morning I picked up the bonsai to water it and noticed that Little Fairy is gone!  Looks like some of my cacti have been rearranged too, which I don't mind so much (still annoying, but at least they're not damaged or missing) but I'm actually really upset about this.  

I don't know how to approach my friend over this.  Her other kid (an older boy of 8) tried to steal one of my retro gameboys once, and even though we caught him with it on the way out of the flat she was really defensive about it and didn't talk to me for a month afterwards, even though I was pretty light -hearted about it and didn't make a fuss, just 'reminded' him that it wasn't his and asked for it back, saying he could play with it whenever he was over at mine.  I'm pretty sure that she won't get why I'm so upset about a one-inch tall fairy on a tiny geode.  But, it's mine and I want it back. -___-;


Date: 2015-09-09 10:38 am (UTC)
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The 8yo was caught red-handed with your gameboy, and the kid's mom got mad at you? That is all kinds of wrong. :(

Depending on how old the girl is, I'd suggest asking either if she 'borrowed' your fairy, or for a younger kid, if the fairy wanted to see her home. That might get a truthful answer out of the kid. Then you could say that something in that room is missing its fairy friend.

If you get it back, you might consider meeting this particular friend anywhere but at your home, in the future.


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