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 I have to say, I am very impressed! ^__^  I ordered Huntress from Lair of the Octopus (a site that specialises in 1/6 size action figures) and she shipped the next day, and arrived safely today.  Very good service, and since they are UK based there was no waiting for import and Parcelfarce, or anything like that. 

She is every bit as amazing in person as she looked in the promotional pictures! ^__^  I haven't put her in her fancy armour yet, since I don't have anywhere suitable to display her at the moment.  But, since she is a doll, she is going to get a proper set of box opening pictures. ;)

Yay shipping box!

The inner box came wrapped in tissue paper.  I was in two minds about tearing it off, but.... well... tearing things is fun. >_>;

Lovely inner box art. ^__^

Instruction on how to dress her.  According to this, her feet are actually attached to the boots, meaning you have to pull them off completely to remove the boots.  It also appears to be why she is so stable when standing. 

The stuff inside the box. :D

So- it's worth saying that the quality of the armour is outstanding.  It's plastic, but it feels good quality and incorporates real fabric and metal where possible.  It's hard to see, but each item has its own slot and is really well painted.  You have to take her head and hands off to dress her fully, which is why I haven't done it yet- I'm not going to do that until I can display her properly, because she won't fit back into the box once she's all dressed up.

The axe is absolutely kick ass.  I mean, it's absurd, but that's kind of what makes it awesome. ^__-;

Two things here- first, she is standing completely unaided in this picture.  The pose is a little stiff because the box wasn't lying flat, and this was the only way to balance her.  I have only done a bit of playing with her joints, but so far her range of movement looks incredible.  Secondly, she's only 12inches tall.  All this detail, and she is literally the same height as a Barbie.  It's amazing.

Here's her face, and yes- her boobies.  Because.... boobies. *commence childish sniggering*
For anybody wondering: her body isn't blushed, like some of the more recent stuff by the company is.  I suspect they didn't think it was needed since the finished doll- while dressed provocatively- is pretty well covered by her armour.  The exposed areas of skin aren't ones that can really be blushed easily- mainly, her thighs and some of her chest, which is doing a good job of shading itself just by being very shapely.

The quality of her face painting, however, is exceptional.

The detail in her face- really amazing stuff!  I'm 99% sure that her face is based on a real person- she reminds me of an actress, but I can't for the life of me think what her name is.  But, the eyes and the lips have been done so well that it's not just a creepy passing resemblance thing- she actually looks like a living person.  The only thing that spoils the illusion a little is her hair, which- while it's very soft- still has the typical 'doll' flyaways.  I'm hoping I'll be able to improve them with some styling later on.

Overall, though- she's very impressive!  I can't wait to get a proper case for her to live in (since the sillicone skin means she'll pick up dust like nobody's business), and then I can get the armour on her and play around properly!

All she needs now is a name.  I'm not going to rush it, though, because I want to find a good one that will suit her properly.  So, it needs to be something suitably 70s/80s fantasy novel-ish, but not so cheesy that it makes me feel uncomfortable. :P
Suggestions will be welcome.

I can't wait for Lady Death to arrive, now. ^__-  She's still on pre-order, but at least I know that I'll get one when they start shipping!

In Other News:
I had a fun day re-organising my finances, partly because of this lovely lady, and partly because our water bill arrived.  We pay it yearly, so it's always good for a laugh when it shows up. -__-;  Mind you, it is nice to actually be able to afford stuff now, and not melt into a puddle of complete panic every time a new bill lands on the door mat. >_>;  

I also handled Rambo for a little while, and watered my bonsai trees.  Oh, and I set up a new twitter account, because my personal one (@she_man) is probably not entirely work appropriate.  ^__-.  So, I set up @AegisImmemorial, which I will use to promote my book once it is finished.  I'm still assuming that it will be self-published at this point, so having a proper, more appropriately named feed for it is probably a good idea!

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