Feb. 26th, 2015

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I should blog more.  I just feel like I never have the time....

This is a summary of my life as it currently is:
-Back on my course, should qualify in May/June.
-Have an interview for a job at the hospital I'm training at, which would be awesome.  So fingers crossed.
-Still have just the two snakes, both of which are doing well.
-Bonsai trees are being dicks, but both still alive.
-Family is well.  Brother appears to be being more responsible, which is nice.
-Have learned to knit.  Currently working on my first jumper!
-Put on a ton of weight. -__-;  
-Got some money.  Used it to buy clothes, since I have very little and haven't bought more in ages.  Made it more fun by buying all goth stuff- new all-over print t-shirts, some cool hoodies... that kind of thing.
-Still working on finishing my first novel.
-Booked in for my next tattoo.
-Health remains much unchanged- no new problems, but still have all the old ones.  Generally ok, though.

So, yeah... That's life.  And this Rambo:

Rambo has come a long way since I got him.  He's currently in the throes of breeding season, so isn't eating, but he's maintaining his weight and very slowly getting more tame, which is excellent.  He will always be my grumpy little git, but I would be doing him a disservice as an owner if I didn't try to socialise him.  If anything were to happen to me, and he had to move homes, I would be setting him up for a miserable time if he couldn't be handled.  He'll probably never love humans, but at least he's slowly starting to tolerate us. ^__-.

And this is Opal.

Opal is still perfect. <3


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